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Prom - by Haworth's Flowers & Gifts, LLC.


Youíve picked out the perfect prom dress or tuxedo, now itís time to pick the perfect wristlet & boutonniere! Haworth's Flowers & Gifts, LLC. has the best selection of prom flowers to match every color of prom dress. Youíll be sure to shine on prom night!

White Lisianthus [Bou11]
Peach and Pink [Wri21]
White Rose [Wri16]

Mardi Gras [Wri17]
Orange and Lime [Wb4]
White Phalaenopsis [Wri22]

Pink and White Zebra [Wb3]
Purple and White [Wb5]
Dendro Orchid [Wb1]

Shades of pink [Wb2]
White and Gold [Wri23]
White and Pink [Wb6]

White Orchid and Dusty Miller [Bou10]
Pink, Peach and Blue [Wri24]
White and Purple [Wri1]

White and Blue [Wri25]
Yellow Spray Roses [Wri10]
White Rose Boutonniere [Bou1]

Red Rose Boutonnierre [Bou2]
White Rose w/ Blue [Bou3]
Silk Wristlet [Wri12]

Red, Orange and Green [Wri27]
Rainbow Armband [Wri28]
Pink Dendro Orchid [Wri13]

Purple Dendro [Bou4]
White and Purple [Bou5]
Purple Orchid [Wri14]

Orange Spray Roses [Wri15]
Purple Lisianthus [Bou7]
White Spray Roses [Wri32]

Hot Pink [Wri31]
Red Spray Rose [Wri18]
Red Rose & Eucalyptus [Bou8]

White and Red [Wri19]
Pink and Turquoise [Wri2]
Purple Orchid [Wri30]

Pink Spray Roses [Wri3]
White and pink [Wri4]
White Dendro Orchid [Wri7]

White and Blue 2 [Wri34]
White Rose [Wri6]
Purple Lisianthus [Wri8]

Succulent Necklace [Nec1]
White Rose and Aster [Wri35]
Purple / Turquoise Orchid [Wri9]

White and Purple Orchid [Wri33]
Red Rose/Leopard [Wri20]